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The Dangers of Snoring

We often joke that our best referrers are spouses and children. The Huffington Post went ahead and wrote a whole article about it, which is awesome because now i don’t have to.

From the article;

Unfortunately, if lack of sleep is caused by snoring, often a person doesn’t even know they snore unless they’re told by a partner. Even when a person knows they snore, they often go untreated because they are embarrassed and hide it, or they ignore it because they don’t know it is a serious problem.

In the case of sleep apnea, there is even more of a toll on the body. Considering an apnea patient is unable to breathe many times throughout the night, their sleep is especially interrupted by episodes of waking up, gasping for air. This oxygen deprivation, combined with an inability to get a good night’s sleep, causes severe sleep deprivation and other health issues. Apnea can lead to high blood pressure because during apnea events, blood oxygen drops abnormally low, resulting in an increase in blood pressure. This can bring about stroke. It can also cause lung dysfunction because of low levels of oxygen in the blood and high concentrations of carbon dioxide in lung tissue. Since the heart is sensitive to oxygen levels in the blood, apnea is most dangerous in people who are already prone to heart disease. Arrhythmia is very common, as is enlargement of the heart. An estimated 80 to 85 percent of sleep apnea patients go untreated, which is a serious health problem in the U.S. today.

Read the rest of Dr. Volpi’s important message.