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Why Choose Parkway?

Parkway SleepHealth Centers is a comprehensive sleep health center. We provide sleep physician consultations, diagnostic testing and treatment services for more than 80 sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia.

Sleep disorders may seem relatively easy to diagnose, but can be extremely difficult to treat and manage without a specialist. Sleep Apnea is a life-long diagnosis that needs to be well-managed to be successful with treatment. By allowing our Sleep Specialist to take ownership of your sleep problem you will have access to the newest cutting-edge technologies and treatments available. Our sleep specialists are board certified sleep physicians by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and are very qualified to treat any sleep disorder.

Parkway SleepHealth Centers combine a professional attitude with excellent patient care and customer service. We know the importance of sleep and we are willing to go the extra mile to get you back to a good night’s sleep.

All-Inclusive SleepHealth Center:

On-site Physician Office

  • Consultations for all sleep related disorders
  • Insomnia management program
  • Home sleep screenings
  • Pediatric sleep disorders

On-site Sleep Center –

  • Overnight sleep testing – Queen size Select Comfort beds, flexible sleep times
  • PAP NAPs – reduces anxiety and frustration to increase PAP adherence through a short daytime encounter

On-site CPAP Clinic –

  • Mask exchange program – We work with patients to find the right mask for them
  • Alternatives to CPAP – Dental appliance, Surgical Options, Provent Therapy
  • Compliance reporting – 93% compliance rate! CPAP machines with downloadable data to show compliance
  • Comprehensive Management of Care – Frequent follow-up calls, quarterly emails, on-going patient education

Each time you come to Parkway SleepHealth Centers, you will rest easy in the care of our experienced, professional and compassionate staff.