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Parkway vs. Hospital Sleep Centers

What’s the Difference between Parkway SleepHealth Center and a Hospital Sleep Center?
There are many important differences you should consider.

Hospitals spread their focus across numerous services. At Parkway SleepHealth Centers, we specialize in sleep disorder diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, enabling us to deliver exceptional expertise and attentive care.

  • Compared to the Parkway Sleep Centers, most hospitals require significantly more time to schedule you for a sleep study, and they deliver your follow-up report much later. If you have sleep apnea, it’s important to get treated quickly.
  • In some hospitals, sleep studies are performed in regular hospital-style rooms. At Parkway, making you feel at home is absolutely integral to our service.
  • Hospitals rarely provide equipment like CPAP to their patients. They rely on home health agencies, and as a result, their patients do not get the kind of “hands-on” care that is a crucial aspect of our service. For example, we professionally fit CPAP masks at our office; you won’t wait several days for someone to bring it to your home. We always follow up to ensure that the mask is comfortable and that you’re using it properly. We’re quick to answer questions.
  • Cost. Depending on your insurance carrier, you may be more likely to pay more out-of-pocket expense at a hospital-based sleep center. Procedures at Parkway SleepHealth Centers are considered “in-office procedures” and are billed differently than “outpatient” hospital services.
  • We are more than a sleep testing facility. At Parkway SleepHealth Centers, we are proud to have our own on-site sleep physician, Our physicians are a board certified Sleep Medicine specialists. They are available to consult with patients, examine sleep history, and present treatment options.
Hospital Setting
Sleep Medicine Specialization Staff is spread across many disciplines and services. Exclusively focused on sleepdisorder diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, enabling us to deliver exceptional expertise and attentive care.
Diagnosis Timing Long backlog is common for both sleep-study scheduling and physician reporting. Typically one month or less for scheduling and reporting.
Studies usually conducted in regular hospital room, often increasing patient anxiety and reducing accuracy of test results. Patient comfort is a top priority, from room design to sleep-study approach, helping to promote patient relaxation and increase testing accuracy.
Patient Follow-Up Equipment and one-on-one follow-up rarely provided (referred to home-health agencies). One-stop resource for CPAP and other essential equipment, including personal fit, education and follow-up to increase compliance.
Physician Attention Physician access varies. As a sleep medicine center, not just a sleep-testing facility, our on-site, board-certified sleep physicians work directly with patients — and you — to ensure optimal care.
Cost For many insurance carriers, hospital-based centers are billed at the highest rate. Many insurance carriers classify Parkway’s sleep centers as “office procedures” vs. “outpatient”.