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Sleep is essential for a child’s continued health, growth, development, learning and safety. It is during sleep when a child’s body generates the cells necessary in order to grow and develop normally. Parkway SleepHealth Centers Pediatric Sleep Disorder program is specifically designed and tailored to children, adolescents and their families who may be experiencing issues with sleep patterns. Parkway is able to effectively diagnose and treat children of all ages, providing a better night’s sleep for the entire family. During a pediatic sleep study at Parkway SleepHealth Centers, children spend the night in a kid-friendly environment for observation while they sleep. Children are encouraged to bring their own toys, favorite blanket or any items from home that will make their stay more comfortable.

What Happens During a Pediatric Sleep Study

To measure breathing and sleep, sensors and belts will be attached to your child’s head, near the nose, mouth, chest, abdomen, finger and legs. These sensors will allow us to record his or her breathing and sleeping patterns. Attaching the sensors is painless and involves no needles, but there will be a lot of stickers and tape. Paste is used to attach the sensors to your child’s scalp. Please wash your child’s hair before the study and do not use any gels, mousse, sprays or lotions as these may interfere with the testing and disrupt your child’s study. When the study is finished the paste attaching the sensors will easily wash off.

Children who are prepared for the study often have a better experience than those who are unprepared. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk with your child about the study a few days beforehand, and let him or her know what to expect. Give you child time to ask questions and offer plenty of reassurance. Your attitude can greatly affect how your child feels about the study, so be positive and confident. You are welcome to call and schedule an appointment to tour the sleep center before the night of the sleep study. If you have any questions the night of the study, our sleep study technicians can assist you during your stay.