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PAP-NAPs: Improving compliance for PAP therapy

A PAP-NAP is a short daytime encounter that is designed to help the patient adjust to CPAP treatment. It will help your patients with their therapy compliance as well as assuring their full understanding of CPAP treatment and benefits.

Common indications that a PAP-NAP may be needed are if the patient:

  • discontinued home therapy;
  • left sleep lab prior to completing PAP study;
  • refused treatment;
  • experiences discomfort, or shows resistance to mask or pressure;
  • exhibits claustrophobia or anxiety;
  • experiences inability to fall asleep with PAP therapy.

During the PAP-NAP our qualified sleep technologist (supported by our sleep physician) has an opportunity to help identify and work through a number of barriers with the patient, such as:

  • ensuring proper mask fitting;
  • assisting with pressure desensitization;
  • assessing and addressing weak emotional processing skills/anxiety;
  • educating the patient about the importance of CPAP therapy.

Often mental factors such as anxiety, panic, or claustrophobia diminish when physiological elements improve. This is a new procedure that is approved by most insurance companies.