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Educational Programs and Services

Public Education

Parkway Sleep HealthCenters offers a broad collection of public and corporate education seminars. We offer one hour seminars and abbreviated ‘lunch and learn’ classes for lunch hour learning opportunities. These educational presentations are filled with the latest information on sleep-related subjects and presented in a relaxed, accessible style designed to excite inquiry and curiosity.


Parkway SleepHealth Centers employs some of the world’s foremost sleep experts. Our experts in the fields of sleep medicine, neurology, pulmonology, psychiatry, psychology and behavioral sleep medicine are available as keynote speakers and instructors for scientific and business conferences and other public forums that require the very best in qualified and knowledgeable speakers.

Health fairs

Parkway SleepHealth Centers actively participates is public and corporate Healthfairs. We offer valuable information on treatments for sleep disorder and risk factors. Please contact us if you would like to see us at your upcoming event.

Continuing Medical Education

Parkway SleepHealth Centers offers continuing medical education credits (CME’s) to physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners at various free events during the year. Contact us at info@parkwaysleep.com for information on our next upcoming event.

For information about our Educational Programs, please email info@parkwaysleep.com