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Physician Referrals

Our Steps

  • We provide you with an easy to use referral form;
  • Once the form is completely filled out, please fax to our office with a copy of the patient’s demographics and insurance information.
  • We then call the patient’s insurance company to verify benefits. We are able to let the patient know the cost before they come to see us.
  • Our friendly staff calls the patient to set up their appointment. We are able to get patients in for an overnight sleep study within a week usually, sometimes the same night the patient is referred!
  • After the study is performed, one of our physicians specialized in sleep interprets the study and makes notes and recommendations.  This is done typically within 1 week of the study.
  • If the study was ordered as a Comprehensive or Evaluate & Treat, the patient has a follow-up appointment with our sleep specialists to go over the sleep study results and recommendations. We will also fax you the sleep study results. If the study is not ordered as a Comprehensive or Evaluate & Treat, the results will be faxed to you and we will advise the patient they need to follow up with your office to review the results.