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Always tired? It might be a sleep disorder

If you’ve been feeling that you’re always tired, snoring all the time, or if your sleeping partner notices your snoring is accompanied by pauses when your breathing stops, those are signs you should have a check up from a medical specialist board certified in sleep medicine. That’s because there are over 80 different sleep disorders, and getting the right diagnosis is critical to getting the right treatment!

For a quick overview of how sleep disorders are diagnosed, specific signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, how someone can distinguish between a few bad nights of sleep and an actual sleep disorder, and the most effective ways that sleep disorders can be treated, listen to our short podcast.

“There are a variety of sleep disorders that exist but many people are not aware of how to properly address them,” says Brent Brandow, director of operations for Parkway SleepHealth Centers, who is interviewed on the podcast. “Since sleep is one of the most important body processes and a way to ensure improved health, we want to help people achieve better sleep. One way we are doing this with our clients is by helping them distinguish between sleep disorders and poor sleep habits and providing answers for their sleep-related questions.”

Often we get used to feeling tired, attributing the sleepiness or fuzzy  thinking to stress, kids, work or other challenges — and we may be right. But if your daytime sleepiness never seems to really go away, and you find yourself relying more and more on caffeine and catnaps to make it through your day, that’s most likely NOT something you have to suffer through. And there are many options besides turning to medication. A sleep physician who focuses on this complex field every day can help uncover what’s at the heart of your sleep problems, and help you get the rest you need. So if you’re in the Triangle NC area, give us a call. You don’t have to be always tired — trust us!